About Us | Suttles of Malden
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About Us

Suttle’s of Malden was established in 1951, by Denis and Anita Suttle. They initially opened a half sized shop in Dukes Avenue, New Malden as a printers.

The business expanded and moved to Kings Avenue House in 1962, gradually changing to incorporate the sale of office stationery and equipment. Mr Suttle built all the display stands and counters himself, out of wood, to save money on expensive furniture.

Both of Denis and Anita’s daughters entered the nursing profession, so the business was eventually sold to Kenneth and Janet Albert-Richards, when Mr Suttle decided to retire in 1981.

5 years later in 1986, Suttle’s moved onto the High Street and has traded there ever since. The business was passed down to Kenneth and Janet’s daughter, Denise, and her husband Andy in 2009.

Through all these years Suttle’s has strived to supply the best products, at the best prices, to the best customers in New Malden and afar.

We are proud to be able to deliver stationery to local businesses and promote the customers that we supply to help their businesses further.